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Sycylia Wine & Friends Tour

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Sycylia Wine & Friends Tour

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895 Euro/os.

Savouring every little piece of life is what calls the shots for you? Discovering beautiful places, making new friends and travelling makes you joyful and gives you energy? This time, Sielanka Travel invites you to relish the charms of Sicilian life with us!


II edition of the trip titled “Wine & Friends” takes place from 15 to 19 October. If you wish to discover the magic of Sicily and you’re ready for new adventures to come – it is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Offer: Sicily - Wine & Friends Tour II


Day 1 - (15.10) – Catania / Taormina

From the Catania Airport, we’ll head straight for this unique city made of lava. Here’s where our first Sicilian stroll and a dinner at a traditional trattoria shall take place.


Sightseeing of Taormina – the mecca of artists, hanging on the steep hills where all the views around take your breath away.


In the evening, we’ll check in to the Crystal Sea Hotel right at the seaside with the fairytale panorama in the background where we will have the welcoming dinner.  


Day 2 - (16.10) – Etna


After breakfast, we’ll head for the mountain refuge where we shall take the cable car to reach the height of 2500 metres above the sea level. The Unimog off-road cars are perfect for discovering Etna!  


A visit to the vineyard.


We’ll see what makes the wine from a vineyard located 650 metres above the sea level so much unique! Having left the canteen, we’ll drink some wine and have a traditional Sicilian lunch.  


The supper shall be served at the hotel restaurant 


Day 3 - (17.10) Lipari Islands


That’s gonna be a long day!


We’ll leave the hotel early in the morning and head for the Port Milazzo. There, we’ll get on a cruise ship to visit Lipari – the largest of the archipelago islands, famous for its charming little bays and historical buildings.


The next part of our journey is the Vulcano Island, We’ll have our lunch here. Then, we’ll try sulphuric baths in the mud. The sulphuric mud has excellent therapeutic properties.


Supper at the hotel restaurant.


Days 4 - (18.10) Like the Godfather


Arriving in the Savoca town where some scenes of “The Godfather” were shot. Then visiting the Cappuccini Monastery, the Saint Nicholas Church. A little break for a cup of the Italian espresso in one of the most famous bars of Sicily – the Vitelli.


Lunch at a typical, family-run Sicilian restaurant in Savoca.


Spending the afternoon with Baron Platinia at his manor. We’ll be granted a glimpse into the life of the Sicilian aristocracy.


Farewell supper with tasting wines at the Nicosia Restaurant.

Day 5 - (19.10) Coming back to Poland

Transfer to the airport in Catania

Flying to Warsaw.

Trip stay: 15 – 19 October 2019 (group of 30 people).


Cost of the stay and attractions included in the programme: 895 EUR / 1 person in a double room


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