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Hotel Regulations

These Regulations aim at providing all our Guests as well as any other visitors staying on the premises with safety and should therefore be observed absolutely.


§ 1

  1. The hotel rooms are rented for the so called hotel days.
  2. The hotel day begins at 3:00 pm on the day of arrival and ends at 12:00 pm on the day of departure.
  3. If the Guest does not specify the length of their stay upon check-in, it is assumed that the room is rented for one hotel day.
  4. Failing to check out of the hotel by 3:00 pm is tantamount to extending the stay.



  1. If the Guest wishes to extend their stay beyond the time period defined upon the arrival (or upon checking in to the hotel), they are requested to contact the reception at the latest by 10:00 am on their original departure day.
  2. The Hotel reserves the right to accept the request only if the current occupancy allows it.


  1. The Hotel Guest may not hand their room over to third parties, even if the time period for which they paid the amount due has not expired yet.
  2. Non-resident persons may stay in the hotel rooms from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.
  3. The Guests as well as any other people using the hotel services may not disturb the peace and quiet on the premises. The Hotel has the right to refuse further service provision to                        a person who violates this rule.
  4. If the Guest fails to comply with the rule referred to in point 2, the amount of 400 PLN will be charged for every additional non-resident person staying in the hotel room after 10:00 pm. 
  5. The Hotel may refuse to accept a Guest who during their previous stay grossly infringed the Hotel Regulations, causing damage to the hotel equipment or to Hotel Guests, Hotel Staff or any other people staying on the hotel premises, disturbed the peaceful stay of other Guests or the functioning of the Hotel in any other way.



  1. Each time upon leaving the room, the Guest should check and make sure that the door has been locked properly. The reception shall issue the key based on the registration card filled in by the Guest renting a room.
  2. The Hotel Guest bears full material liability for any damage caused to the equipment and technical devices owned by the Hotel caused either by them or by persons visiting them.
  3. The Hotel may refuse further service provision to a person who violates these Regulations. Such a person is required to comply with the Hotel demands immediately, especially to pay for the damage caused and then to leave the Hotel.



  1. The Hotel provides services according to its category and standard. Any reservations concerning the quality of services provided should be reported to the Reception without delay so that the Hotel can react to the problem at once.
  2. The Hotel is obliged to provide the Guest with:
  • conditions for a full and unrestrained stay
  • safety of stay, including confidentiality of information concerning the Guest
  • professional and polite service
  • cleaning the room and performing all the repairs necessary in the absence of the Guest and in their presence only and exclusively if they wish and accept it
  • technically efficient service, and in case of defects as well as problems which cannot be removed, the Hotel shall make every effort to replace the room with another or alleviate the inconvenience in any other way
  1. At the request of the Guest, the Reception:
  • provides information related to the stay
  • offers wake-up calls at the requested hour



  1. The Hotel shall not be liable for the loss of or damage to money, securities, valuables and other valuable items, including those having scientific or artistic value unless they are deposited at the Reception.
  2. The Hotel bears material liability for cash and valuables deposited in the safety box at the Reception.
  3. The Hotel does not bear liability for the loss of or damage to a car or any other vehicle owned by the Guest.



  1. The Hotel accepts small pets (dogs, cats) at extra cost, according to the hotel price list being in force. However, the pets may not disturb the stay of other Guests. The liability for any possible damage caused by the pets is borne by their respective owners.
  2. The Guests staying on the hotel premises with pets are obliged to:
  • keep them on a leash
  • take care of them outside the hotel premises as well
  • make sure their pets have all the required vaccinations valid.



  1. Items left behind by the Guests in the hotel rooms shall be – provided that they express such a wish explicitly – sent back to the address indicated by them, at the expense of the recipient. If the Hotel receives no such instructions, these items will be stored for 3 months and then donated to charity or destroyed.



  1. In order to conclude a civil law contract and have an invoice issued, the Guest is obliged to confirm their identity by presenting the receptionist with a photo identification document (identity card or passport).
  2. The contract between the Guest and the Hotel is concluded on the basis of a correctly completed registration card and the data included therein, verified by the receptionist.
  3. Should the Guest refuse to show a photo identification document, the receptionist is entitled not to give them the room key.

Please be informed that for the sake of your comfortable stay, smoking all throughout the hotel premises is strictly forbidden (refers also to smoking through the window). Persons violating this ban are required to pay the amount due for the full stay as well as 1000 PLN for the room ozonising and then to leave the hotel.

Raising false fire alarms, which includes also unjustified activating the fire alarm, is charged with the cost of the fire brigade intervention.

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