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Duration: 60 min

A line of chemical peels for advanced care that accelerates skin regeneration and rebuilds its microbiome. A simple and skin-friendly peeling to choose from, tailored to the needs of the skin: sensitive, oily, with signs of photoaging, for dull or discolored skin.

Price: 300 zł


Duration: 60 min

A soothing therapy based on French Pyrenees thermal water for sensitive skin prone to redness. Thanks to the richness of mineral salts and oligoelements, it restores the balance of epidermal metabolism, soothing and strengthening sensitive skin.

Price:280 zł 


POWER C + 35%

Duration:: 60min

Intensive illuminating therapy using 25% of vit. C and 10% pomegranate and acai extracts. An ideal treatment for skin that lacks radiance and with signs of photoaging, enriched with a massage with GUA SHA stones

Price:315 zł


Duration: 60min

Intensively moisturizing therapy, using hyaluronic acid of various particle sizes. Long-lasting moisturizing on all skin levels. Designed for all skin types that need hydration.

Price:290 zł


Duration:: 60 min

The beneficial effect of apple stem cells in anti-aging therapy. Provides immediate renewal and regeneration of damaged cells

Price:350 zł


Duration: 70min

'BOTOX LIKE' therapy. An ideal alternative to aesthetic medicine treatments. The wealth of stimulating peptides, fillers and moisturizers ensures immediate improvement of the face contour and a marked increase in elasticity.

Price:375 zł

Global Lift


Anti-age strategy, giving the effect of a full lifting, restoring the correct shape of the face oval and improving the structure of subcutaneous tissue without the use of a scalpel.

Price:375 zł

Power Oxygen

Duration: 60min.

Double action of CITY POLLUTION BLOSK + 02 against pollution and skin hypoxia. Its formula, creating a protective barrier, has an oxygenating and antioxidant effect and allows you to obtain a uniform, illuminated, cleansed skin free of toxins - ideal for people living in the city.

Price:270 zł

Complementary treatments

Eye supreme

Duration: 30 min

Moisturizes, regenerates, smoothes and refreshes the delicate area around the eyes. A great addition to any facial treatment.

Price: 160 zł

Henna complete

Price: 70 zł

Paraffin treatment for hands / feet Price: 100 zł

Henna eyebrows with regulation

Price: 50 zl

Eyebrow regulation

Price: 35 zł

Body care

Coffee body peeling combined with grape oil massage.

Duration: 60 min
Price: 290 zł

SPA SENSES - A touch of rest

Duration: 90 min

A treatment based on minerals and semi-precious stones combined with a salt peeling for intensive skin renewal and refreshing sensual experiences. Hematite regenerates and improves microcirculation and soothes skin irritations.

Price: 390 zł

SPA SENSES - Sapphire Wrap

Duration: 90 min

An oxygenating and brightening treatment. Peeling and a silk, crystal mask with sapphire particles strengthens vitality, adds energy and improves the dynamics of the body. Sapphire dust enriched with a relaxing massage reflects light and brightens the skin.

Price: 390 zł

SPA SENSES - Elements of Nature

Duration: 90 min

Peeling with active carbon thanks to volcanic sand particles, detoxifies and cleanses. Organic mud with a firming and remineralizing effect in combination with hemp oil and vitamin E, has anti-cellulite, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Price: 390 zł


Duration: 70 min

A peeling based on avocado butter and a relaxing massage with oil with Indian spices will soothe and relax the senses. The treatment restores the balance of the body and mind and repairs the skin, thanks to its very good properties

Price: 350 zł



A wrap of rose petals

Duration: 90 min

A treatment that uses the action of the most valued rose essential oil. It moisturizes, soothes and regenerates. The body, wrapped in rose petals, will remain perfectly smooth and soft to the touch.

Price: 380 zł

Wrap for moms

Duration: 80 min

The treatment based on white clay and goat's milk has a regenerating and rejuvenating effect. An excellent treatment that firms and strengthens the skin structure, preventing stretch marks and losing its tension.

Price: 380 zł

Refreshing Lime with Ginger Wrap

Duration: 90 min

Atlantic salt peeling will remove dead epidermis, the refreshing scent of lime will give you energy and perfectly oxygenate the skin. The compress will restore the skin's radiant appearance, rebuild the protective coat, adding vitality to the skin.

Price: 370 zł

Lavender wrap

Duration:: 90 min

A deeply nourishing treatment. It uses the effects of lavender and goat butter to provide the skin with minerals and vitamins. The scent of lavender flowers and essential oil will soothe, soothe and soothe.

Price: 400 zł


Duration:  90 min

Peeling with warm salt stones will have an antioxidant effect on the skin, Himalayan salt peeling will remove dead epidermis and improve blood circulation, the mask will improve the appearance of the skin and detoxify it. The treatment is comparable to a 3-day cleansing diet.

Price: 400 zł


Abhyanga massage

60min version - 310zł / 80 min - 370zl

Ayurvedic full body massage with warm sesame oil, which will make the skin elastic and give it a warm color. This Indian massage is not only an excellent method of de-stressing, stimulating blood circulation, but also a way to get rid of digestive problems, remove toxins from the body and relax muscles.

Price: 310 zł or 370 zł

Abhyanga + Mukabyang massage 

Ayurvedic full body massage with warm sesame oil, combined with a face and neckline massage

Duration: 90min

Price: 400 zł

Udvartana Powder Massage 

 Duration: 45min

A natural treatment that supports weight loss and the metabolic process, dedicated to overweight, sleepy and tired people. Warm sesame oil will make the skin elastic, and a specialized peeling made with a unique herbal mixture with turmeric, chickpeas and dry herbs will cleanse the body. Udvarthanam is a strong peeling agent, smoothes out uneven skin, removes dead epidermis, significantly stimulates blood circulation, eliminates cellulite.

Price: 300 zł


Duration: 30min

Ayurvedic massage of the head, neck and shoulders while sitting. Shiroabhyanga relieves tension and stress, relaxes muscles, helps with headaches, migraines, insomnia, depression, and at the same time conditions the scalp and acts as a hair mask, because it is made with oil used for centuries by Hindu women for hair care, preventing them falling out

Price: 240 zł


Garden SPA Massage - NEW!

Duration: 30 minut

We recommend a massage of the back, neck, head, hands and hands. The massage takes place on a chair, in the open air, in our Idyllic Garden SPA. The perfect solution for guests who dream of relaxation, but do not want to lose heat and sunlight, or for those who want to keep an eye on their children. Massage depends on weather conditions.

Price: 230zł

Balinese massage

Duration: 60 min

The method using traditional Indonesian massage techniques is a relaxing treatment that eliminates muscle pain, brings physical and mental relief. Thanks to its convention, the treatment strengthens CHI energy, which is the driving force of all life processes. The effect of this oriental massage is the harmony of body and soul.

Price: 315 zł

Thai foot massage

Duration: 55 min

A natural, holistic method derived from Ayurvedic, Chinese and Thai folk healing techniques. The massage contains elements of acupressure and reflexology, and its purpose is to restore and improve circulating energy, lymph flow, as well as strengthening the immune system and relaxing. Thai foot massage improves sleep, leaves a feeling of general peace and well-being.

Price: 240 zł

Japanese Face Massage

Duration:: 40 min

The facial massage technique provides visible and long-lasting effects that are difficult to achieve with other methods. It is a completely natural and non-invasive form of face lifting and rejuvenation. It positively affects not only the improvement of appearance, but also the well-being and getting rid of concentrated stress

Price: 240 zł

Idyllic Magic of the Senses massage

Duration: 55 min

A gentle massage with grape oil with the addition of apple essential oil

Price: 250 zł

Shea butter massage

Duration: 55 min
Price: 270 zł

Classic deep massage

Duration: 55 min

Price: 290 zł

Aromatherapeutic massage

Duration: 55 min

Price: 220 zł

Massage with hot candles

Duration: 55 min
Price: 270 zł

Back massage

Duration:: 30 min
Price: 160 zł

Head, face and neckline massage

Duration:: 25 min
Price: 170 zł

Foot massage / Hand massage

Duration: 20 min
Price: 110 zł


Spa for the little ones

Massage for the little ones

Duration 30min.

A gentle massage of the child's skin with one of the three scents of fruit butter will ensure amazing fun

Price: 150 zł

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