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Sielanka nad Pilicą , Warka Sielanka nad Pilicą , Warka
Sielanka nad Pilicą , Warka
29 Nov ' 22
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Company Events

Our signature team-building programme

The Sielanka nad Pilicą Hotel offers you a wide range of attractions and scenarios for your team-building events. At your disposal, there are both various games and fitness activities, such as paintball, military – survival missions or an Olympic competition simulator. And if sweating does not sound very nice to your ears, maybe you’d prefer to stay indoors and choose a theme party – Polish People’s Republic Evening, wedding in the country, disco vibes or Las Vegas.  

Team-Building for Companies


The horse-riding complex Sielanka Farm is where loving horses, sports rivalry, sensibility to the beauty of nature as well as admiration towards the modern arts become one. Our horses are calm and well-broken. Either for pleasure or for sports, enjoy your horseback riding to the most. 



Horse Games

This attraction is destined for the daredevils who feel like horse-riding, yet have never tried it so far. Lunge riding a calm horse, under the watchful gaze of a well-qualified instructor will be a great deal to your liking, indeed. A little warm-up so that you can feel the horse, and then your task will be to cover a special distance on the horseback with a cup of water or an egg on the spoon in your hand. Next, you’re supposed to throw a ball into a basket, hang a hat on the hanger and return through a labyrinth back where you started. Rivalry may either be individual or for groups.

Optimal number of game participants – up to 6 people / 1 horse. Sports clothing preferred (comfortable trousers, flat shoes).

Duration: 60 minutes

The Horse Trail - A Tiny Little Pause During Your Trainings

Exploring the horse-riding centre (stables, riding arenas, harness room, carousel for horses, indoor riding arena) and talking about horses. We will discuss the basic things about hippology: horse feeding, care, breeds and colours, equestrian disciplines, principles of correct horse-riding, equestrian equipment, visit to a mini zoo. 
Duration: approximately 40 minutes

Cart rides

Let’s go for a ride along the picturesque Pilica Valley! We’ll chat about horse-riding and all the charms of Sielanka. At your disposal, there are two carts available. 

Duration 60 min. Max. 20 people per cart.

Sleigh ride

We can organise a sleigh ride for 24 people at a time, i.e. 
Sledge: 12 persons
Sledge: 12 persons

The sleigh rides are organised until 7:00 pm (torches for sledges FREE OF CHARGE).

Sleigh rides after this 7:00 pm will be organised on special request and the costs will be determined individually.

Duration: approximately 1 hour

Off- Road Riding Academy

This offer covers both a professional off-road training as a companyteam building.
Our tailor - made scenarios, a special track and routes marked out for this purpose will help you feel the wind in your hair. See how exciting the off-road adventure can be! Simulating a cross-country ride, putting professionally modified cars to the test, safe overcoming obstacles and getting yourself out of  a spot- that's just a tiny little excerpt of what you may expect. We provide well-experienced instructors, professional, special trails and lots of adrenaline!

Makeup and Styling Workshop

During the workshops conducted by professional stylists and make-up artists, you’ll find your individual style, matching your personality, type of beauty and profession! Learn how to emphasize your assets and cover your imperfections! The nice lady-circle atmosphere with coffee and cookies will help you relax and focus! You are beautiful, only you need to learn how to show it to the world around! 

Duration: 2h

Cooking together

Cooking together is so much fun! We learn and we have fun at the same time! Our chef welcomes every single visitor with arms wide open! You’ll get a special chef hat as well as an apron which will then certainly serve you well in your home kitchen as well. The Guests shall be divided into groups. Each group will prepare different dishes and we will eat it all together! 

Maximal number of people: 30.

Nordic walking

Within the Sielanka Farm, there are numerous, stunningly beautiful trails to be found, perfect both for relaxation and Nordic Walking. When strolling along the Pilica bank, through the green riparian woodlands or the Stromecki Forest, look around! Admire the calmness, the peace, far away from the hustle and bustle of big city life? Savour the wild beauty of nature, untouched by man. Enjoy the picturesque landscapes.

Shooting stations

Within the Sielanka Farm, there are numerous, stunningly beautiful trails to be found, perfect both for relaxation and Nordic Walking. When strolling along the Pilica bank, through the green riparian woodlands or the Stromecki Forest, look around! Admire the calmness, the peace, far away from the hustle and bustle of big city life? Savour the wild beauty of nature, untouched by man. Enjoy the picturesque landscapes.


One Minute Win

We bet you think many a time you would fulfil the tasks on your favourite TV show much better than the contestants present in the studio. For you know all the answers, can solve all the riddles. Is it true, though? Maybe when you become players yourselves instead of sitting on the couch and watching the telly, the tasks will turn out to be much more difficult than you had previously thought? Now, we want to give you this chance to find out how it would be. 


This evening, we will take you to a casino where amidst the smoke of cigars and good alcohols, you shall have a whale of a time.


Hollywood Night

Hollywood Night makes you feel like a true film star or a world-class director. To crown the whole event, we will even hold the Academy Awards Ceremony!                

Olympic Games

2014 is the year of the Winter Olympics and the FIFA World Cup!                         Take part in a special event referring thereto. Thanks to the movement and training stimulators, you will really feel as if you were taking part in all of these competitions yourself!


Paintball - 

Paintball – develops such features as: fitness and agility, good reflexes, quick decision making, quick and apt reacting to unexpected situations. Preparing an effective plan, the right team communication method and strategy suiting the circumstances – that’s PAINTBALL in the nutshell! 

Bartender show

A bartender show will add spice to your event, indeed. The Flair Bartending Instructors will prepare special cocktails, matching the theme music to be heard in the background, as the character of your event requires. Shakers, ice and bottles flying high in the air will make you believe that defeating gravity is all possible. Our bartenders love their job and you can clearly see it. 


Wine tasting session

Tasting delicious wines may be a splendid addition to a corporate event: they put you in a great mood, calm you down and give pleasure. The world of wine has its undoubted charm, although it is often considered to be unavailable, complicated and snobbish. 

Duration: approx. 1 ho


Under the watchful eye of our experienced instructor and above all when complying carefully with his instructions, firewalking is absolutely safe. So extraordinary, it gives you power and boosts your self-confidence. This magical ritual shall make a well-integrated team of you. Let’s dance with the fire together. 

DJ party

Party at the Restaurant or at the EquiClub


DJ party + Karaoke

Party at the Restaurant or at the EquiClub with karaoke




A stage for rent (3 m x 4 m), consisting of 6 modules. Each module is 1 m x 2 m. The construction of the platform makes it suitable for outdoor installation in a very diverse terrain and inside buildings as well. The platform is very safe, made of a specially designed aluminium profile. Inside, there is an anti-slip and waterproof board. Telescopic legs allow for a smooth and very precise adjustment of the platform height. The stage is ideal for various types of events: concerts, recitals, cabaret performances, etc.


Styled Events

"Polish People’s Republic Evening"

Comrades! Citizens! Working people of cities and villages! We are gathered here today for a reason! With our presence, commitment and enthusiasm, we express our gratitude to our wonderful socialist homeland - the People's Republic of Poland - for the honour of being its citizens! From the very beginning on, thanks to a properly arranged scenery and music, you will feel the atmosphere of that era (posters with workers' slogans, popular objects of everyday use...).

The duration of the styled event: 4 hours

DJ plays until 3:00 am or longer… 

Hey, may the wedding begin – "Sami Swoi" (“All Friends Here”) Film Style

The event is held as a wedding in the country. The bride is Jadźka, daughter of a farmer called Kargul. The groom is Witia, son of the farmer Pawlak. Proper clothing will help our guests identify with the spirit of the event even better. The participants shall be divided into two groups – the Kargul team and the Pawlak team. At the doorstop, Kargul will welcome you with salt and bread as the Polish wedding tradition dictates.  

The duration of the styled event: 4 hours

DJ plays until 3:00 am or longer…

Las Vegas Night

USA, Nevada. All around you, nothing but the dessert… Yet when the night falls down, there is a place which flickers with countless lights which you can see from miles away - Las Vegas - the world's entertainment capital.

Saturday Night Fever

An evening party styled as that famous movie "Saturday Night Fever". Wide trousers, shiny shirts, glasses and afro hairstyles are obligatory. Dressed up in the disco club style of the 70s and early 80s, we’ll have fun with disco, Rock'n'Roll, Boogie, POP and Funky, with hits such as: "Staying alive", "YMCA" or "Yes sir I can Boogie". In the meantime, our friends will come and show us some interesting choreographies, danced to the first disco rhythms.

Team bulding

"Military Mission - code name Hermenegild."

This military event brings together elements of special units' activities, handling weapons, heavy field equipment, survival, drill, logistics and military tactics. The aim of the mission is to train conscripts. All the stages of the training are evaluated by instructors who report then back to the headquarters once the mission is over. Participants are divided into troops, each of them has its own commander. All the obstacles and tasks they encounter are overcome together, it is the only way to survive the training period until the Great Battle.

"Breaking free from Alcatraz"

The biggest prison escape in history is coming up. The day has come when a group has to be chosen from among all the prisoners to take on the burden of the later action and try to lead their companions out of the drudgery. We start the day, meeting in the yard, where prisoners are divided into groups of escapees. Each group is assigned one recidivist - a prisoner who, with his experience and good advice, will help the group and put an end to all the misunderstandings and verbal fights, leading the group to its ultimate success.

“Breaking free from the Drawerland”

In the basement of the Quaternary Research Institute, there is a land inhabited by dwarves called the Drawerland. However, it is not the only place where dwarves live. Some of them gain human dimensions thanks to a mysterious drink called Kingsize. But today, a great breakthrough is being prepared. Dwarves from the adult world gather, because there is a chance to free their companions from the Drawerland. They have to release the chemist imprisoned in the Drawerland, for only he knows the mysterious Kingsize recipe. Our participants must make every effort to fulfil the tasks assigned to them that day and reach the place where the scientist is imprisoned.


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