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Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations What you need to know

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Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations


1. The swimming pool, the same as the adjacent paddling pool, constitutes an integral part of the Sielanka SPA complex and therefore, the General Terms and Conditions for the Sielanka SPA and the following Rules and Regulations are to be observed on the premises.

2. Before entering the swimming pool of the Hotel Sielanka nad Pilicą**** (“swimming pool”), all the users are obliged to make themselves acquainted with the following regulations (“Rules and Regulations”) as well as to observe their provisions when staying on the swimming pool premises. A person using the pool is understood to have read and accepted the Rules and Regulations.

3. The swimming pool is 120 cm deep, the paddling pool is 40 cm deep.

4. Changing the footwear for the pool flip-flops is required before entering the pool complex.

5. A suitable, body-clinging swimsuit destined for using in the pool water is obligatory. 

6. The provisions of the Act of 18 August 2011 on the safety of persons in water areas (Journal of Law No. 208, pos. 1240) as well as the executive acts to the aforementioned act do not apply to the use of the swimming pool. Therefore, there is no legal obligation for a lifeguard to control the swimming pool. Using the pool takes place on your own responsibility, and in case of minors, on the responsibility of their guardians.

7. On the premises of the swimming pool and the Sielanka SPA, it is not allowed to use cosmetics in glass containers.

8. Children up to the age of 14 may stay on the premises, swim and use the pool only and exclusively under the care of adults.

10. Children up to the age of 3 may use the pool only in special, waterproof diapers, available for purchase at the main reception.

11. Washing your whole body in the shower with cosmetics destined for body care (also after having used the toilet) as well as washing your feet in the paddling pool at the entrance to the pool is obligatory.

12. Persons wearing glasses or contact lenses bear sole responsibility therefor since these may pose a threat both to the wearer in question and to the surrounding swimmers as well. Should wearing spectacles be necessary, they must be secured in                         a way which prevents them from falling.

13. Both in the pool and on the adjoining terrace, it is forbidden to cause situations which pose a threat both to your own safety and to the safety of other people staying there, which refers in particular to:

- running around the pool, in the changing rooms and showers, jumping into the water

- making noise, raising false alarms

- pushing swimmers, pushing them into to the water

- littering, dirtying and throwing various things away

- bringing pets in and destroying the swimming pool equipment

14. Violating the order or the Rules and Regulations may cause being removed from the swimming pool premises by the staff.

16. Full liability for any accidents or damages, including these caused to other people, which result from not observing the Rules and Regulations in force is borne solely by the swimming pool users, and in case of minors, by the adults accompanying them.

17. A person who contaminates – either on purpose or by accident – the pool water shall be burdened with cost of changing it. In case of minors, their guardians are to be liable therefor.

18. The swimming pool staff reserves the right to change the opening hours due to technical or any other reasons.

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