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Sielanka nad Pilicą , Warka Sielanka nad Pilicą , Warka
Sielanka nad Pilicą , Warka
28 May ' 20
29 May ' 20
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Pakiet Gold

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Gold Package 290 PLN / person

Welcoming the Bride and Groom with bread and salt as the Polish tradition dictates;

Welcome toast with a glass of sparkling wine for the Wedding Guests;

Table decorations with seasonal flowers;

Table candles;

Served menu to choose from (3-course);

2 dishes to choose from served after 10:00 pm and 12:00 am;

Cold snacks: to choose from 6 starters and 4 salads;


Dessert buffet: 6 desserts to choose from;

Beverages with no limitations – coffee, tea, juices, water, fizzy drinks;

Lemonade Bar;

(3 lemonades to choose from, e.g. coconut, cucumber, lemon, peach, watermelon);

Professional waiter service;

Preferential price of wine from the Chianti region, imported specially for the Hotel Guests - 39 PLN;

Suite for the Newlyweds for their wedding night;

Special accommodation price for the Wedding Guests;

Free car park for all the Guests;

Stage for the band;

Chair covers (cream colour);

Children under 3 years of age free of charge;

Children aged 3 – 10 years – 50 % of the basic price.



/one soup to choose from/

Creamy broccoli soup with crispy croutons;

Homemade chicken soup with noodles and vegetables;

Creamy white vegetables soup with croutons.


/one dish to choose from/

Roast pork loin with mushroom sauce, dumplings, broccoli and almonds;

Loin escalopes with vegetable cookie, roast potatoes in cream, red wine sauce;

Zander sauté with potato purée and truffles, vegetable spaghetti with chardonnay sauce.


/one dish to choose from/

Vienna cheesecake with raspberry sauce;

Fruit ice cream.



/one dish to choose from/

Roast chicken drumstick with broccoli and potato chips;

Chicken breast stuffed with spinach and mushrooms, served with tomato and basil sauce, drop dumplings and vegetables;

Pork loin marinated in Bison Grass Vodka with green pepper sauce, half-French noodles and vegetables.


/one dish to choose from/

Borscht with croquette;

Old Polish sour rye soup with egg and sausage.


/6 snacks to choose from/

Herrings with cream and onion;

Cold smoked trout with lime sauce;

Roast pork joint with horseradish stuffing in Malaga wine;

Duck terrine stuffed with pistachios and apple mousse;

Tomatoes stuffed with crab salad;

Sliced marinated salmon loin in oranges and green tea;

Roast turkey breast in Malaga decorated with fruit and cranberry sauce;

Roast pork joint stuffed with plums in aspic;

Smoked ham roulades with sour cherries and asparagus;

Platter of traditional roast meet: pork joint in honey and caraway, pork neck in herbs and spiced mustard, roast bacon with garlic;

Sun-dried tomatoes with mozzarella and basil sauce;

Pork joint in old Polish marinade, dry sausages and thin smoked sausages;

Antipasto from grilled vegetables marinated in herbs and olive oil;

Turkey marinated in pear vinegar with cranberry, horseradish and mustard sauce;

Smoked fish (salmon, trout, halibut);

Salmon tartare with lettuce and red caviar;

Sliced roast veal with vitello sauce.


Selection of mixed pickles and marinades;

Rich palette of fresh baked goods;

Fresh tomatoes and cucumbers;

Herb and natural butter;

Marinated pumpkin;

Plums in vinegar;

Marinated mushrooms;

Tartare sauce;

Cumberland sauce;

Horseradish sauce.


/4 salads to choose from/

Spicy salad with smoked chicken, marinated pear and arugula;

Salad with smoked trout and green broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes and herb sauce;

Salad with noodles, salami, grilled vegetables and basil;

Traditional vegetable salad with mayonnaise sauce;

Greek salad with marinated olives and feta;

Hawaiian salad with pineapple;

Salad with tuna, colourful peppers, corn and truffle-infused olive oil;

Salad with marinated artichokes, roast pepper and smoked anchovies, herb-infused olive oil;

Salad with beluga lentils and roast aubergine;

Selection of fresh lettuces and vegetables with dressings: yoghurt, Caesar or Thousand Island Dressing;

Soy noodle salad with mushrooms and sliced pork loin marinated in lemon tree leaves, seasoned with fresh coriander and sprinkled with sesame oil;

Salad with baby spinach, orange, gorgonzola and balsamico sauce.


/6 desserts to choose from/

Fruit salad with mint and liqueur;

Homemade apple pie;

Layer cookie aromatised with rum and mead;

Marinated forest fruit with vanilla mousse;

Sour cherries marinated in red wine with streusel;

Selection of mini cookies;

Cheesecake with peaches;

Poppy-seed cake;

Chocolate mousse with oranges;

Fresh sliced fruit;

Banana cake with caramel cream;

Strawberry and berry mousse;

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