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Sielanka nad Pilicą , Warka Sielanka nad Pilicą , Warka
Sielanka nad Pilicą , Warka
21 Nov ' 19
22 Nov ' 19
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Spa Rituals Great way for relax

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The Ritual List

The Sielanka Ritual- Blissful Elderberry Orchards

Duration: 90min.

Let the seducing aroma of elderberry and sweet apples take you on a mystical journey to the Sielanka Orchards. First, an aromatic scrub will boost your senses, then a special compress of elderberry and perfume oils will make your skin velvety soft to the touch, smooth like silk, so well-moisturised and nourished. .

Price: 300 zł

Japanese Face Ritual

Duration: 70 minutes

A natural form of skin lifting and relaxation combined with a special care treatment as well as a face massage which provides visible and long-lasting effects.

Price: 240 zł

Lavender Ritual

Duration: 120minutes

A deeply nourishing face and body treatment based on lavender and goat butter which provide your skin with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Lavender has soothing and antiseptic properties, accelerates the epidermis regeneration, too. Its aroma calms down your soul, brings solace, combats stress and caresses your senses. To crown the whole ritual, a truly relaxing massage is performed
 Price: 370 zł

Salt Massage Ritual

Duration: 80 min

A complex treatment for your skin, body and mind. It’s a total regeneration of your whole body, comparable to a 3-day detoxifying diet. The massage with warm Himalayan salt relieves muscle pains and loosens tension. This treatment effectively improves circulation, metabolism and removes toxins. .

Price: 350 zł
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