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Sielanka nad Pilicą , Warka Sielanka nad Pilicą , Warka
Sielanka nad Pilicą , Warka
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Wedding reception Near Warsaw

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Wedding halls near Warsaw

Wedding halls near Warsaw

A perfect wedding hall is where the organisation of your dream wedding begins. Warsaw and the surroundings offer you a whole palette of such venues, but the winner is one and only. The Sielanka Hotel. Thus, let us put it this way. Choose us and your wedding shall be a gem of a moment, indeed.


Do check our offer and drop us a line!

Wedding informations
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Tradition or modernity

Depending on your needs and expectations, we can organise your wedding reception either as a traditional feast or a modern party with a properly composed menu. And you can rest assured that everything shall be impeccable, for quality is our middle name, indeed.

Let us plan the wedding of your dreams

Tradition or modernity

Let us plan the wedding of your dreams

Couples from Warsaw and the surrounding cities will surely find our offer a great deal to their liking. Pilica is so beautiful, so green and pleasant, indeed. And the Sielanka Hotel is in truth a pearl of this region, pampering its Guests with a wide palette of attractions, ready to indulge your every whim.


Check our offer


A wedding reception near Warsaw which stays in your fond memory forevermore! Whatever the style, we will always rise to the occasion. Let us be your fairy godmother!


At your disposal, there are:

  • the elegant Impresja Restaurant – truly original, decorated with wooden elements, perfect for  a modern wedding reception for max. 100 people;
  • the modern Art Café – a hall with a beautiful summer terrace where you can admire the horses and horsemen practicing on the show jump course; the Art Café adjoins the Impresja Restaurant, thus, would be perfect as a dancing hall;
  • the Impresja Restaurant and Art Café joint together with the terrace and the tent as option shall be perfect for weddings with up to 150 Guests on the list;
  • the soulful wooden Inn – our seasonal, not air-conditioned spacious feast hall with barbecue, large wooden bar and the hearth, located at a charming pond. We recommend the Inn for a traditional rustic wedding with the so called country cottage for maximally 200 people;
  • the Lair – a covered building finished with wood and destined for barbecue feasts; well-loved and frequently chosen for the second wedding day and smaller receptions (for up to 60 Guests).
Gold Package

Gold Package

290 PLN per person
Platinum Package

Platinum Package

320 PLN per person
Premium Package

Premium Package

350 PLN per person

Additional attractions:

Old Polish wedding table – 30 PLN / hotel day

A specially arranged table with traditional country delicacies tempting you with their incredible flavour, aroma and form. The offer includes: smoked bacon, smoked pork neck, smoked pork knuckle, country ham, bone-in smoked ham, old Polish pork loin, roast pork shoulder, smoked sausage treated with strong fire, Polish roast sausage, thin smoked sausages, hunting sausage, head meat cold cuts, old Polish blood sausage, liver sausage, old Polish brawn, liver pudding, old Polish lard.


Second Wedding Day as Barbecue

A rich barbecue menu, replenished every 3 hours, Live Cooking for 3 hours, fizzy and soft drinks included in the price, no corkage fee, duration: up to 6 hours.

Price: 120 PLN gross, minimal number of Guests: 20


Chocolate fountain – 1800 PLN gross

One of our top attractions is this awesome chocolate fountain. You may choose either white or dark chocolate. Immerse fruit, cookies and grapes in this cascade of sweetness, this delicious chocolate fall.


Wedding drink bar – already for 2500 PLN gross

Your wedding can be enriched with lots of additional attractions such as for instance professional bartender service. Our well-experienced, highly professional bartenders will astonish you with a whole myriad of colourful drinks and the newest hit, namely the Working Flair technique. Savour the classic drinks, try something original as well. Choose your favourite alcohol and we will prepare something from scratch for you. Or perhaps a drink matching your dress colour would be nice? 


Live cooking stations – already for 2800 PLN gross

Roast pig A roast piglet marinated in old Polish marinade, stuffed with buckwheat, served as a whole and sliced before your eyes.


Italian live cooking – already for 30 PLN / person

Our cook prepares pasta according to your wishes and dictations. As additions: pesto, tomato concasse, olives, shrimp, Parmigiano Reggiano, tomato and basil sauce, garlic, olive oil. Cooking service duration in the Hall: two hours.


Tent for Rent – already for 9000 PLN gross

You can have your wedding reception organised in two restaurants joint together for even more space or in a tent which may also serve as a dance floor. If you rent the tent, you must cover the cost of air-conditioning, lighting and draperies, too.


Wedding Open Bar for 65 PLN / person – the price depends on the chosen option

OPTION I 65 PLN / gross / person


Tyskie Beer

White House Wine

Red House Wine

Ostoya Vodka 0.7L


OPTION II 85 PLN / gross / person

Tyskie Beer

White House Wine

Red House Wine

Ostoya Vodka 0.7L

Whisky Johnnie Walker




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